When Your Tenants Go Rogue

Despite your best efforts and following all 7 Tips you get a tenant from HELL.

It happens. A landlord customer of ours last year had tenants that had one unfortunate “life issue” after another one after the other and, BOOM, unfortunately, the landlord’s property was turned upside down – damage was extensive – $8,000 cleanup cost and $50,000+ repairs – new floors, new paint, all new bathrooms, new landscaping backyard that resembled a desert landscape – you had to see it to believe it.  

Was it avoidable? Absolutely. See Tip 7. Inspections.

Things happen but you are either in control of your property’s destiny or you’re not. Being a Landlord is not a passive job but neither is it that difficult. An hour or two a month to drop by to “change the filter” (have it with you and know what you’re doing). How do things look. Clean? Tidy? Good housekeeping? Is it getting better or worse? How does the human dynamic feel inside the home?

You have just a few minutes to assess that your home is safe or ready to explode. If you have any concern, turn up the visits to one per week – drive by and see what’s happening outside. Have that filter ready for that once a month check.

If your spidey senses start flashing – listen. And act. Know your landlord rights and take positive legal action to evict. That can take months but you can save $10s of $1000s in the long run.

Remember, things can change overnight at your property. Divorce. Job loss. Drugs. All can spell disaster. Great tenants can go ROGUE in one day – then downhill from that point on.  

You need to be on top of this and act – not hide your head in the sand figuring out what to do.

Bad tenants need to be evicted immediately. Yesterday. Be prepared for the legal measures – court order to evict – bailiff to change the locks.

Every day you delay, your property goes down and the results can be shocking. We’ve seen it. And it is avoidable.

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