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$195.00 + Landfill Fees
Up to 7 day Rental
Plus GST and disposal fees
Seniors 5% Discount

$295.00 include 1 Tonne
Plus GST and disposal fees

AnyTime Bins and Junk Removal Professional Crews

is a family-owned business serving Calgary, Cochrane, Okotoks, Airdrie and surrounding area. We provide Bin Rental Services,  Junk Removal, and Demolition Services with dedicated Professional Crew.  

Dumpster, Bin Rental, Garbage, Waste, Household Cleaning 

AnyTime is an Alberta company and is a local Calgary business – we’re proud of our Calgary heritage and providing services to Calgarians and surrounding cities as well as Albertans.

Shop Local – we provide local services for our local community – We could be your neighbour so we want you to know we do care you get the best professional services – Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We Recycle: Everything you need disposed is sent to a landfill site for recycling –
Anything not recyclable is disposed in an appropriate manner in accordance with the latest Alberta – Canadian – International Standards and the following are some of the materials that are recyclable:

Recyclable Waste

  • Wood – pallets, untreated lumber such as fencing, decks, trees, shrubs, studs, furniture
  • Yard waste – organics – grass – soil – plants
  • Broken concrete and pavement fragments
  • Drywall
  • Metal – scrap, appliances, tools, car parts – sorted at the landfill plant
  • Shingles
  • Plastic
  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • Spring and Fall leaf and pruning 

Non-Recyclable Waste

  • All materials not fitting into recyclable are considered landfill material and will disposed by landfill accordingly


  • Calgary Landfill makes 100s of tons of compost soil annually from organic material from household and garden waste but wait – did you know…
  • Material like drywall and carboard are great filler for compost and get mixed in – nothing gets wasted

You may require our AnyTime Bin Rentals that you can fill yourself as required or use our AnyTime Junk Removal Professional Crew Services.


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