Where Does My Garbage Go?

Some things we take for granted and where our garbage goes is one of these.

Calgary separates household garbage into black, blue and green plus under the sink for organics.

What about the other stuff we collect in our garages, basements and backyards? Most go to one of two city landfills and a few private operators in town. Anytime Bins serves that type of customer and renovation companies.

The City of Calgary has a wonderful garbage collection system. Black is non-organic, non-recyclable, non-yard waste and goes to landfill. Blue is anything that may recyclable such as paper, plastic, metal and other – unfortunately 80% of blue bins still ends up in landfills. Green is yard waste and undersink and is turned into mulch and soil. The City does a great job and is very efficient.


Calgary has two large landfills hundreds of acres in size on 17th Ave and Nose Hill for general waste. This is where black bins go.

Blue bins go to the recycling depot on 17th Ave SE where everything is sorted by type of material. Paper and cardboard gets baled and sold on the market. Plastic and glass are processed for sale as well. Technology is not there yet to do 100% recycling unfortunately and only about 20% of the blue bin gets recycled – the rest goes to landfill.

Green and undersink goes to a mulching plant where it is processed into soil and mulch.

At landfills, City garbage trucks and private companies like Anytime Bins tip our bins which is then plowed under with soil by bulldozers which also pack everything down. Over time, landfills eventually outgrow their location and after special piping is installed to vent gases, and many in other jurisdictions have become ski hills.

We’re proud to have grown to 60 bins and serve Calgary and surrounding areas usually on next day basis. Our motto is “Let go of your junk” so if you have stuff to get rid of, give us a call. See us on Global TV news hours am/pm with our Super Keeley.


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