Is Recycling Worthwhile?

“Very little is actually salvaged”

Recycling salvages and reuses a lot from recycled products.

Electronics has plastic, glass and valuable metals used to make new electronics.

Recycled tires are used in roofing tiles, playground surfaces, road construction, picnic tables, parking lot curbs, posts, etc.

Paint cans leftover latex paint is recycled to create new paint. Leftover oil-based paints are reused in fuel and paint cans are melted down for use in metal products.

Engine oil is re-refined in petroleum-based products, including new lubricating oil, heating oil, and asphalt.

Wood becomes chips for ground cover and mulch and sawdust becomes fertilizer.

Paper and cardboard become, well, paper and cardboard over and over. Simple.

Plastic becomes many products from new bottles to car parts and building materials.

Glass has many uses including all things glass and building materials.

Metal is melted down and little is wasted – metal today is metal forever.


 “Transporting recycled goods results in more pollution”

The benefits of transporting recycling outweigh any negative effects.


“Recycling is more expensive than throwing items away”

Done properly it is cost-effective and cheaper than disposal programs and means not having to mine it which saves much more in the environment.


“Recycled electronics get shipped to foreign countries and are taken apart in unsafe environments”

In Alberta, nothing gets shipped out and is disassembled by professional electronics processors right here in Alberta following strict standards to ensure safety for everyone involved.


It’s Worth it to Keep Recycling!

As you can see, recycling works so what you throw out has new life as it gets transformed into new things over and over again.



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