Decluttering for Good Health

We all have some clutter as we accumulate things we buy and get and before we know it, it’s everywhere. It creeps in by various means including busy lives, gift-getting, sentimental attachment, impulse shopping and psychological aspects. Some clutter is unavoidable as each year we collect more and more stuff and don’t have time to purge the unused, unneeded and unwanted. Because it accumulates slowly over time we often don’t realize its out of hand and are everywhere in the basement, the garage, the spare room, the shed and the back yard.

At Anytime Bin Rentals we’d like to recommend a few ways to declutter and at the same time free up our homes and our minds.

Busy Lives

Fast-paced living results in juggling work and home and social obligations leaving little time for organizing our homes and eliminating the things that keep building up. Setting aside a time once or twice a year to sort out what you don’t need helps reduce the task.

Sentimental Attachment and “I might need it one day”

These are probably two of the most common reasons we keep stuff long after it’s served its usefulness. We get attached to gifts from friends and loved ones, objects we connect with fond memories, childhood toys and heirlooms. Parting with these is often the hardest because usually these are not “practical” objects but deeply, true to the heart emotional objects we connect with people, places and events.

Plan a day with a friend or family member and tell them your plan to declutter by sorting and sharing the best and dispose the rest.

The “I may need it one day” we all suffer from and similarly needs a planned Saturday with a friend or family member or just yourself to sort and bag to dispose. 

Impulse Buying

This may be the easiest to declutter because its usually inexpensive stuff we never really needed, we don’t use and has no emotional attachment. Set aside an area in the basement, garage and yard and start tossing and then rent a bin and we’ll haul it away.


This can result in hoarding and can affect the individual or the family and can result in large amounts of clutter to the point where there is no room for anything else. Families dealing with a hoarder may attempt to declutter but this can be extremely difficult or impossible as the individual can be irretrievably attached to every item they have. At Anytime Bins we get lots of calls from families of hoarders helping to clean up the home or it may be an estate sale with a house full of material. We swap bins as needed just a phone call away.


Clutter can have a significant affect on our health and mental and physical well-being. If you’ve arrived at that point where your living spaces are full of unused items that are driving you around the bend here are some reasons to rent a bin.

Reduce Stress

A cluttered environment can induce stress hormones that can reduce your sense of well-being. Decluttering can bring a sense of orderliness and provide relief and a clear mind to move forward.  

Hindered Concentration

Clutter can affect orderly thinking and create lack of focus. By renting a bin you create a central disposal location to clear your spaces and clear your mind.


Decluttering eliminates safety hazards, tripping over objects, spilling liquids, falling objects. Rent a bin and get rid of the risk of an emergency because of objects lying around.

Enhancing Well-Being

Decluttering can create a neat living space but can also enhance health and well-being by reducing stress, improving focus, enhancing safety and liberating yourself from objects that are preventing emotional liberation from too many things detracting from achieving that.

At Anytime Bins we experience our customers decluttering and purging of objects that have served their purpose and are doing little more than taking up space and providing no joy. If you’re feeling like things own you and time to let them go, give us a call. We’ll give you prompt affordable service and get you a bin to start that process.

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